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Shelley Kyle Signature Perfume - 60ml

Shelley Kyle Signature Perfume - 60ml

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Shelley Kyle Signature Perfume expertly combines the soft refreshment of violet leaves, freesia and lemon zest to provide the perfect fragrance for any day and any occasion. Give it a try today and see why we love this scent so much! 

Elegant design and packaging make for an impressive display. 


  • 60ml capacity
  • Violet leaves
  • Freesia 
  • Lemon zest

What it is:

A cheerful and invigorating perfume that is ideal for everyday use. The floral fragrance is subtle, but lingers on your skin throughout the day.

What it does:

The Signature Perfume boosts your spirit, improves your mood and refreshes your skin with a luxurious fragrance that sticks with you all day long.

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